Welcome the wife!

Just thought I would let you all know that Marla, my wife, has now entered the blogging world – you can visit her blog at http://www.marlataviano.com.

Nina Gabriel, our third daughter, should be arriving any day now. There are more details over on Marla’s blog if you want to check them out.

On a lesser note, my Xbox 360 that I purchased on November 22nd has been overheating and the system just freezes up. Luckily this happened within 90 days and Microsoft sent a prepaid overnight box to me this morning and is taking care of the issue. Who knows what the deal is.

Congrats to the Jewetts (http://www.xanga.com/ajaxyomama – due later in July) and the Mayers (http://amandablogging.blogspot.com – due in September) on the news of both pregnancies! The owner of http://www.buzzplant.com (the company I subcontract with) also just found out over Christmas break that he and his wife are expecting another child. When all of their kids are in school they will have one entering college, one entering middle school, and one entering kindergarten. Much prayer requested of course!

  1. Thanks Cuz!!! 🙂   I can’t wait to see the new baby!!!

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing Ava and Olivia either 🙂

  2. Hi Gabe! So the great world of technology huh? I was reading Lindsay’s page and randomly decided to check out her posts and I saw you and Marla’s. So I’ve been reading your blogs this morning! I don’t update mine very often, but I enjoy reading other people’s. Bo and I really enjoyed the time we got to spend with you and Marla, I read that the baby is coming soon, how exciting! We will be praying for you and that all goes well! Happy New Year! -Erin

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