Interview with Michael Hyatt

michaelhyatt1We’ve been going strong (most of the time) since August of 2006 with the podcast over at The people, including our guests, those that co-host it with me, and our listening community, have all made it what it is. And this week is no different. It was my pleasure to chat with Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, for maybe 20 minutes. We had a great time chatting about blogging, social media (Twitter), and some really interesting things their organization is doing to lead publishing in the digital age.

At the moment Michael is in Ethiopia with WorldVision, along with his wife, Max Lucado and a few others. He’s definitely an example for other executives with how open he is with sharing his thoughts. During the interview it was powerful to hear him talk about culture no longer being interested in the large corporations, but in hearing from the leaders and people individually.

I’ve included the entire podcast in the audio player below. My friend Lee and I discuss technology, with Michael’s interview starting at the 30:20 mark and the discussion about free will and predestination with Kary Oberbrunner starting at the 50:40 mark.

PRAYING for Michael and the others, as they are in Ethiopia with WorldVision. PRAISING God for the opportunity to have a podcast, allowing people to share from their heart and make a difference.

  1. Matt Harmon

    One thing that I would have liked to hear you talk with Michael Hyatt about is tips for aspiring authors to help get published, more specifically by Thomas Nelson.

    also thanks for the links to Michael Hyatt’s twitter and blog

  2. Matt Harmon

    One other thing Gabe…the interview with Kary Oberbrunner I thought it sounded like Calvinism. Now I don’t understand Calvinism but people I know have told me how it’s wrong. I was wondering if you could help shine some light on that because I don’t understand.

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