Kodak Zi6 Initial Test

Here’s the first video shot with the new camera. Going to try to add a few more of these over the weekend. Would love to have a few of you test it out by clicking in the timeline of the video and inserting comments! Thanks to Matt Knisely (@mknisely on Twitter) for the recommendation!

  1. Thanks for the mention man, you will not be disappointed. The image and color is sharper than the Flip and the blacks are richer as well. Quality is head over tails from the Flip and the scalable storage etc is true win. Glad I could help man.

    Cannot wait till #cultivate09 – Peace

  2. Why in the world are you going to 52 ZOOS?? Are you INSANE??!

    I tried to comment on the video, but it said I wasn’t allowed. Whatev.

  3. “In order to comment you must login”
    Uhh…no. Viddler looks cool, I don’t love the players skin, but the comment functionality is cool, but signing up takes too much work.

  4. Nice video Gabe. I have been wanting to get a flip camera for the real estate work, but now I think I will try this one. Thanks for the info.

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