Is your faith asleep?

You might hate rock music, but do me a big favor and just watch the video and hear what God might be saying. Please?

I’m a big fan of Skillet, and am thankful to have had the opportunity to hang out with them a bit. There’s lots of church music out there whose lyrics might come straight out of the Bible. You might consider that “Christian” music. Does it challenge you to actually WAKE UP and take another step in faith? That’s what this song does for me. Enjoy the video! I’d love to hear what kind of music causes you to think about things that matter eternally? Since that is ALL that matters.

  1. Dude, I love this band! Their music really makes me feel alive………………..and, it awakens me to the power of Christ in me! I LOVE the “Hero” video. Sweeeeet! All music can bring me to that place, but when I am down-n-out this just brings me back to life!

  2. I love Skillet! This summer I’m going up to Kingdom Bound (taking the youth group) and really looking forward to seeing them live again.

  3. Gabe,

    I haven’t heard and Skillett in a LONG time. Too long, actually.

    Thanks for this. I love music which inspires the listener to live for Christ!

  4. Really good stuff. Yeah, it is challenging to my faith. It’s not “good church kid” stuff exactly. But it challenges my faith a lot more than a lot of the lame “good church kid” stuff.

    Forgiven by Skillet and Worth it All by Disciple are also crazy awesome.

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