Worldwide Web

I came across 2 links that I thought you might find fascinating this morning: – It’s a list of how many people in the world are accessing the internet. I was kind of shocked to see that every other content’s growth percentage of new users on the internet is larger than ours! On the flipside, I wasn’t shocked to know that North America does have the largest percentage of its population using the internet. We think we’re big stuff here, but if we think globally (which the internet is – right Hannah?)……..we’re only 5% of the picture. To think that God created all of this in a few days? – This site provides up-to-date statistics on the population of the world – BY CITY! You can click on countries / cities at the top and drill down to your location.

We’re moving in three weeks from Bellefontaine (12,927 pop.) to Columbus (741,677 pop.). Culture shock maybe?

For any family members checking this out……I grew up in Lima (39.543 pop.) / Cridersville (1,777 pop.) and Marla grew up in West Liberty (1,769 pop.).

For some reason I feel small today……and it’s not because I’ve lost 35 pounds! I think it’s great that God created so many people that we can impact for Him. I’m glad God is in control aren’t you?

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