Website for kids

Letting your kids use the internet these days is sort of like dropping them off in Las Vegas hoping they don’t gamble, lust, or dare be selfish. There are so many people out there creating places that harm our children. It’s pretty bad that the majority of this society is foul territory for them these days. It is a problem that that is taking place, but it’s another problem that not that many people are doing much to provide safe places for them………places parents have no second-thoughts about.

After starting to create web sites in the past few years, I’ve often wondered if anybody out there had a desire to make the internet one of those safe places. The internet is ten times worse than Las Vegas. I got the chance this month to help out by creating – a web site geared solely for children. It might not service every child’s desire for amusement, but at least it’s one step being taken forward while there are so many taken backwards. Only God knows how kids are going to be reached in the future. I’m guessing that the internet will only become more vital!

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