There’s something in the air

PRAYER REQUEST – My wife’s uncle Rod works for Family Life Radio in Tucson, AZ. We just received this email from their staff this AM.

Daniel is our web graphic designer. He recently moved his family to Indianapolis, but is still working from there on our websites. Hi Everyone, I had a call from Daniel Cordell. As you know, Daniel, Torri, Evangeline, and their two cats, Bounce & Sophie, moved to Indiana. They were staying with Torri’s mom until they found a home. Last night the house caught on fire and burned. They all got out safely except for one of the kitties. They lost everything. Please pray for them. Right now there is no way to get in touch with them. They lost computers and cell phones with everything else. Daniel will get in touch when he can.

Who knows what Apple means by “There’s something in the air”, but today is MacWorld (Apple’s biggest keynote address of the year). I remember this day last year – when they announced the details about the iPhone……pretty big day for some of us. We’ll see what happens today I guess…..not expecting them to outdo the iPhone news.

I’m really glad that there’s “something out of the air” for us……the stupid flu that had all 5 of us in a loop the past two weeks. Thanks to the 3 families that brightened our days – it really helped! We’re now back to normal and it feels pretty good.

I have a meeting with a church here in Columbus today that I’m really excited to work with. They have a real passion for the web and letting God speak through it………funny how you don’t run into that too much. That kind of upsets me a bit. People look at the internet sometimes and treat it like some evil community or worthless commodity. The good thing is, God isn’t settling for that and there are many other folks out there that are doing great things for Him that encourage me. I’ll just say this. You can’t do enough to glorify God too much using anything. Even if you are using the web to connect people to Christ at the moment, we all should be open to being used more in any area of life. You might be uncomfortable with it, but when did that mean something? Enough rambling. Guess I should get back to cranking out another page with His name on it.

Praise God for new technology……praise God for MacWorld today? It’s not Steve Jobs who makes a difference through the web, it’s the word of God. I’m just thankful people like Steve give us new tools to reach new folks. I’ve really been amazed how the iPhone has even let me do that this year!

  1.      I praise God for you, Gabe, and your willingness to use the gifts He has given you to “further His Kingdom!”  You are a blessing to my heart!:)  Love you!:)

  2. 4 black YOUNG PASTORS were on TBN…last week, saying WE HAVE TO REACH THE NEXT GENERATION….and how, their Gr. granpa drank coffee out of this coup, their grandpa, this cup, their dad – this cup, and HE….HE drinks it out of a STARBUCKS CUP….but it is still coffee…. GABE…..I TRULY believe …that YOU…have the coffee…and the right “cup” to deliver the message to the next generation…and YOU are called out to do that..because it is a PASSION within YOU…not me, not Tug, not Marla…. ours is different…and YOU…. Mr. Tam..said ” listen to your heart, your desires…and that is where GOD wants you to serve through” wow…is that NOT YOU ?  computer/ web/  reach another dynamics…and I am so grateful….that YOU are listening and serving and critiquing…your skills to do it amazingly!   I pray GOD…open the floodgates….for this message through technology!

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