The blog universe

Yesterday I received this month’s WIRED magazine. One of the larger articles was about the blog industry. The internet is full of people’s online notes about their opinion of life, their favorites, reviews of products, and any other off-the-wall thought you can think of. I knew there were a lot of people out there spending a few worthless minutes a day writing these things, but had never realized how much value this world gives to some of them. I could really care less who reads this blog, but some people don’t have that mindset.

There are groups of individuals who have even formed small companies (sort of like a magazine or newspaper) to deliver a certain style of online content to the universe. People are no different. Whether you are reading from their words on paper, online, or talking to them face to face. God wants to reach them in some way. What we say in trying to build our own world does not matter a bit. This is God’s world, and no matter how many blogs get written, only His word is enough to judge others by.

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