Sorry, teenagers, but Apple still rules

kidcomputerThis weekend a pretty interesting article came out, stating that Apple is “done” (according to teenagers). Stating that their parents get the best Apple products and dish the older and less attractive Apple products to their teens. So what do teenagers do? Resort to colorful Windows products or for an Android tablet. At least that’s what the research shows.

CNET apparently believes that what is cool actually matters. I know quite a few teenagers who own Apple products that are actually joining some of the adults and building the technology world, not just playing with it. The site lists teenagers as “future adults”, hinting that Apple’s future is at stake because these people will continue to play the way they are. I used a PC when I was a teenager too, LOL. I happen to be an adult now, and decided to upgrade over the years 🙂

All this article does for me is reassures me that it’s true, there are technology nurseries and sandboxes out there where people who aren’t mature enough to build something with more than legos are still sucking on their pacifiers and building castles in the sand.

Wake up, CNET (and Microsoft). When life actually happens, people rely on Apple to accomplish things that move us forward. That pay the bills. Just because something is cool, doesn’t mean it’s attractive. When you have clients, want to put your creativity to use, or decide to graduate out of elementary, I guarantee Apple will be there waiting for you. Have fun drooling all over your bib, LOL.

P.S. This coming from an avid MacBook Air user who happens to have switched from iPhone to the Android-based Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s just “as cool” as the iPhone, believe me. 🙂

  1. Microsoft is just trying to cover the fact that they have a bomb on their hands. they tried to create a one size fits all operating system that is slowly but surely blowing up in their face

  2. “They’re more impressed by Samsung’s Galaxy and Microsoft’s Surface.” but Microsoft is about to give up on the Surface.. and the CEO is about to lost his job… so, as I agree with their sentiment, that Apple is done.. I think there may be some corporate sponsorship behind the article coming from Microsoft.

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