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This post is for any web or techheads out there. I am an avid user of Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash and most of the sites I create are built in that program. I’ve been using it since 1998, when a friend and I were playing around with basic animation. I purchased Macromedia’s Studio MX 2004 Professional two years ago. This software isn’t cheap – especially for someone who was working from home and had to save up a while for a purchase like that. The problem I had with them was that on the box of the box it has logos like you see below – indicating that the installation CD contains files for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Most of you know I just made the switch to Mac, and I did so with the assumption that I could uninstall my software on the Windows laptop and install the Macintosh files onto the new iMac. The installation still came up with an error of “too many licenses being used”……….meaning you can’t switch, even if you are only using one of the computers for the suite.

So I called the Flash support number and they tried to tell me that…..”yes, installation files for both systems are on the CDs, but whichever system you install on for the first time (Windows two years ago for me) is what you are stuck with for the life of that software……….unless you pay another $400 to upgrade and we would be fine to switch it all over to Mac then”. My basic question was then – “so why put both licenses on the same CD if someone can only ever use one of them”. That makes sense since most software companies only give you a CD for either Windows or Macintosh. That is what they should have done if this is how they REALLY do it. They finally gave up, noticing their lame excuses weren’t working. Excuses like……..”we wanted to make it easier for the customer”. Easier for the customer my foot……’s not hard to understand which computer you have and only purchase a suite of software for that system. Adobe, who let me convert their suite by only paying a $5 shipping fee for the new CDs, purchased Macromedia recently – so maybe they will bash some intelligence into them. They are taking it a step higher in management and actually might make this happen for me. We shall see!!!! Oh yeah – our money is back in our account from the German fraud incident. Thanks God!

  1. I forgot to mention that I liked your photos of your new Mac! That’s such a rip-off re the double license etc.

  2. Hey Gabe, I entered you guys into my Skype, how very cool.  That means you should have my Skype address come through when you open Skype next, if not I will email it to you 😉

  3. Hey – I’m going to download Skype tonight – am so excited. If it’s night time here, is it morning there?

  4. From talking to Nix we figured out if it is 8 pm here it is 10 am there (the next day), so you are 14 hours ahead of us. It seems like the best time to chat would be around 7-8 am for us / 9-10 pm for you, and maybe on the weekend unless Marla gets on my iMac. Actually we could all (you, Nix and ourselves) at the same time….

  5. Didn’t get on my comp last night – got distracted. Will try tonight though! Not sure what Nix is doing….

  6. SP and I are going out to celebrate the “signing of the contract” but we might be back by then. if not this weekend totally works.  How exciting.  A conference call would be great….  So this weekend it is, I was on last night and can just leave it on as we have wireless so just call when you get on..  Hoorah!

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