Social Media Business Cards

socialbusinesscardsIn the tech and creative circle it’s almost required that you have a business card. Some are even going as far as creating a website / profile page online that is their “virtual business card”. You go there to see a listing of their website, blog, social media profiles, contact info, etc. Going virtual is a nice touch, but it doesn’t replace having a physical card that you hand a friend or possible client.

So what you see is what I came up with for my third round of business cards (click photo or here to see large). I simply took the same avatar I use on sites like Twitter and Facebook and added the info on the flip side. The size of the card is approximately 2″ x 2″ square, and were pretty affordable thanks to (browse the web for discount coupon codes). Drawing avatars (digital version of mugshot) is something I’ve enjoyed the past year. Making them look clean in vector / scalable format takes a few hours at least. Congrats to my friend Dari, who just spent a few hours herself on a new personal avatar you can see on her Twitter page! If you’re interested in a card yourself,  but aren’t up for creating it, let me know. I’d love to help you out, and keep it affordable.

  1. Love the idea! I made something similar, more as a little marketing handout on our merch table, with just my FaceBook and Twitter addys. But I really like incorporating it into a business card concept with more detailed contact info, etc. Love your work, btw. ch:

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