My new camera sucks

Actually, it doesn’t. After you visit the link below from NASA that I stumbled upon today, I am sure being stunned by our awesome 5+ megapixel photos will seem just as absurd to you too! I am pretty much speechless after scouring through the daily archive of snapshots of God’s creation.

Maybe share some of your thoughts by commenting after checking them out?

Here are a few of mine before the link:
I think I’ll stop taking pictures of dead trees and snow (although God created them too)?
Big bang – if only it really appeared like a chaotic mess?
Psalm 147:4 just makes me faint!
No eye has seen……more true than I can imagine?
And some think they can figure Him out by reasoning?
I have a hard enough time with 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles.
And atheists think science is proving His existence to be false more every day?


  1. Maybe we should just sit down and WORSHIP…GOD…..Maybe we should just stand up and worship GOD……period.  ( I guess I reacted by saying sit down…as in …I just give up…all the head knowledge….and what ever…like you said, we can not understand or grasp at ALL, who GOD IS.)  thanx for the insight !

  2. Awesome! We went to NASA up in Cleveland in January.  Noah loved it and got to see so many awesome things.  If you go to Louie Giglio’s site  and listen/watch his talk called..  The talk is called Indescribable and it has many of those pictures or similar ones from NASA.  It is awesome!!  I’ve never seen or heard anyone like him before.  Really makes you stand in AWE of God.  Thanks for the reminder!  Jen

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