Google wins in 2010

Guessing you’ve seen the news this week, that Mark Zuckerberg (CEO / creator of Facebook) won TIME magazine’s Person of the Year for 2010? I dig the social network he and his company have provided for us. I’ve used it quite a bit in 2010. I’ve probably met some of you this year thanks to it. But I have to give even more props to another company whose services I’ve used even more. Google.

I started using Google Search years back, when Yahoo! just couldn’t make the cut as a search engine. You can see (image to the right) that Google Maps was the next service that caught my eye. That’s really when Yahoo! (and Mapquest) were left in the dust. I can search and use maps all from the same place? What a concept!

As you read down the list of their services that I continued to appreciate, you can see that Google continued to understand how people were changing. People were getting busy (Calendar) now that they had maps to show them the quickest way to get anywhere, blogs were being consumed quickly (Reader), Microsoft Office just wasn’t seamless enough (Documents) and people wanted to share information online, why wouldn’t an actual web browser make sense (Chrome), might as well let people read their email (Gmail) too, and then finish it off by letting people do all of this on an operating system / mobile devices (Android)?!?! I use each of the eight services listed every day. And those are just the big hitters from this long list of all web services they offer.

I’m definitely a late adopter on Gmail. Many have used it for years. I attempted to use Apple’s default Mail app, but finally caved a few months ago (years after many were using Gmail already) and have gone to checking my email (Google allows me to check 4 accounts in 1 place) in the cloud and not locally. And just last week I even ditched the iPhone for a Droid Incredible, mainly for a better network with Verizon. I love Apple computers, but after using the Droid for a few days I’m not so sure I’d go back – even if the iPhone did come to Verizon. The commercials don’t lie – the Droid just DOES. I’d have to say that I’m using Google’s services at least 3-4 times more than I was in 2009. Both Feedburner (bought by Google this past year) and Analytics (web statistics) are two of their services I also use daily, but are specific to web and blog design / development.

What tech company has won for you in 2010? A few responded on social networks yesterday with companies like Twitter and WordPress. I’d enjoy hearing your choice, and maybe even a bit about why, in the comments below.

  1. Definitely Google. I’m leaving my full time job in January and going out on my own as an IT consultant and photographer. Google Apps became the go to cloud solution for email, calendar, docs, etc. The standard version is free so there is no overheard. Since I have a Droid X, Google voice integrated so easily and I basically have two numbers on one phone. One person and the other business and because of the integration I can make outgoing calls with either number.

    I’ll be combining the power of Google Voice along with Sipgate to create a nice VOIP solution for when I need to make and receive calls when working from what will be the new home office.

    Everybody talks about Facebook and their half a billion users. But there is a reason why Google’s market value is more than 3 times that of FB ($150B vs $41B).

    Some have also complained about Google’s ho-hum UI and granted, it is rather plain-jane from a design element, but so what? It works. That’s what’s important to me.

    • It’s pretty impressive to see so many small business run everything on Google’s apps. Makes total sense, and have heard lots of great feedback from those that take the dive. Will be looking forward to praying for and observing your new journey. Might need to chat with you sometime soon!

      • I actually use the LG Env Touch. Not smart at all… but gets the job done for now. Now that Verizon had made the data plans a tier system, it may be affordable in the 2011’s household budget.

        • Patience will pay off my friend. Props for not jumping into something prematurely. Looking forward to hearing when the time is right!

  2. DarylG

    Totally with you on this on Gabe. I’ve been using Google services heavily for about 5 years now and the Android platform has increased my usage dramatically. I love my Droid and have become more a user of Google services than Microsoft’s which is quite a statement for me. Facebook is “nice” but if you want to get stuff done Google is where it’s at. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family.

    • Merry Christmas to you and your fam too DG. We should be proud of ourselves….gently letting go of either Microsoft or Apple and choosing Google for the right things – LOL.

  3. Jason

    TOTALLY AGREE! I think Google will take of the world . . lol and I’m on board! I’ve been using Gmail since it was invite only (courtesy of a friend of a friend of a friend) and haven’t looked back! Cloud computing is the only way to go in the mobile world we’re moving toward. Added the first HTC Droid when it came out too! Now just beating my head waiting for the last few months of my Verizon “New every 2” time to expire to so I can get a new Droid phone!

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