Google Chrome – first day review

googlechromeNow that Google Chrome (new web browser) is available on the Mac, I’ve given it a full day of testing. These thoughts might change, but I prefer to do a review as soon as possible. Knowing that Google always does a pretty nice job at improving their free products (Gmail, Google Calendars, etc.), I’m sure that the product will improve even more in the not-so-distant future. Here are a few positives and negatives as I look back on the past day:

1. Setup process was a breeze, and allows you to import settings (bookmarks, etc.) from your other previous browsers (Safari, Firefox)
2. Gives you the most screen real estate of any browser to day. Nice added touches like removing a status bar, but allowing it to quickly popup when needed
3. First browser that initially launched with Developer Tools (code inspector). Obviously the other browsers have been around for a while 🙂
4. The only browser I’ve used that allows you to search within the address bar. No need for two bars (address + search)

1. Most pages load very quickly, but I did run into common pages (Facebook) that for some reason paused for quite a while with a “Resolving Host” alert in the status bar. Annoying!
2. While it was the first browser to launch with Developer Tools, the actual toolset is a bit confusing compared to the set that comes with Firefox. Anyone else have issues with this?

Let me know if you’ve given a test, or maybe you will go check it out now?

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  2. I like Chrome quite a bit and I make sure to test on it but honestly I am still using FF just because I’m in the habit of opening it and like my current plugin setup. With FF you can type into the “awesome bar” for searches but it seems to be slower than chrome is. It’s as if it is trying to figure out why it doesn’t point to a DNS entry somewhere before it starts searching. I tend to use the search form instead and usually hold “alt” when I press enter so my search opens in a new tab. The awesome bar is cool because it looks at page titles and such too not just the url.

  3. My biggest gripe with Chrome is the “resolving host” thing that comes up as well. I thought maybe it was my ISP, but when testing at the same time with another browser (FF) it didn’t happen.

    Still, it’s fast and I’ve started using it pretty much exclusively at this point.

  4. Mordecai

    I used chrome regularly on windows for several months, but I’m back to FF now b/c of the availability of awesome plugins, like DTA, Greasemonkey, Wolfram Alpha plugin that brings up Alpha results anytime you do a google search, gmail enhancement that puts gmail, reader, and calendar all together in inbox, etc.

    The real point when I went back to FF was when for unknown reasons Chrome began to hang on some pageloads… I think Facebook may have been one.

    I’ll be honest, I did install a chrome-ifying FF plugin that gives it a lot of the same look, and a different plugin that hides the status bar and menu bar.

    Biggest thing that I miss about Chrome is the process-per-tab design..

  5. Mordecai

    also, re: search box
    I agree that I liked the one box in chrome, but I don’t really mind having two in FF. I just always use ctrl+k if I want to do a search (and alt+enter to get it in new tab). ctrl+L for address bar. Not painful.

  6. I have not installed on my MBP, but I installed today on my pc laptop. I was waiting for the extensions to become available first. Now that they are I’m liking it. Integration with gmail, calendar, evernote, google voice, wave, and others make it much better than without.

    I can’t say yet if I like it better than Firefox but I’ve made it my default browser to try for a week or two!

  7. I’ve been using Chrome on Windows since it was first released into the wild.

    One thing I have found is that when watching shows on hulu running on battery power, the battery seems to drain more quickly when using Chrome than when using IE.

    It might just be that I have a dozen Chrome tabs open most of the time though.

    Also, Chrome on Windows 7 on my laptop has a huge problem with internet connection threads. If I try to open two or three pages at once in different tabs, one or two of them will come up with problems connecting to the internet while the others load fine.

    It happens sometimes if a page has a lot of modules too, such as google friend connect, it will load the page but time out loading some of the modules.

    Very frustrating.

  8. Ryan B

    I am running tiger so I can’t download it. But i do have a question I haven’t seen yet. Can you sync your bookmarks with it? Last time I check Xmarks didn’t say anything about the mac version being available. (I book mark just about everything I might need later and after a hard drive crash about a year ago, this is a deal breaker for me)

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