Google Buzz not Twitter killer

There’s quite a bit of buzz flying around about Google’s new social network (Google Buzz). Many people instantly thought that it was an attempt to kill Twitter. I guess they could still think that, since it’s only been around for a few days. It functions a bit like Twitter, but also quite a bit unlike Twitter. Yesterday I was checking it out, and realized that it’s actually MUCH more like FriendFeed (purchased by Facebook not too long ago). It’s not just a status update, like Twitter.

I would consider it more of a lifestream / grouping of quite a few of your blog, website, and social networking feeds (RSS, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc..). Which is exactly what FriendFeed does, but FriendFeed does MUCH better. How? Wouldn’t it be nice if Buzz provided an RSS feed, or even allow you to group your contacts into one URL (wall of discussion) for a focused dialogue? FriendFeed does this. Another thing FriendFeed has over Buzz is that its status updates can be carbon copied to also be your Twitter status. And the sign-up process with FriendFeed is open to everyone, not just users within a certain email system (as Buzz is with Gmail).

Google sure tanked with their Wave project, and I believe Buzz is an attempt to repair that mess. Conclusion – Buzz is a nice added feature for Gmail users, but is definitely not a Twitter killer. Feel free to connect with me on Buzz, Twitter or FriendFeed. Your thoughts?

  1. Gabe, thanks for your thoughts on Buzz.

    One of the reasons Buzz will get my attention is it lives inside Gmail and is autopopulated with my contacts. 95% of those I converse with most use Gmail so it’s an immediate win for me.

    I also think it’s too early to tell where Buzz will go. I think, like Wave, we’ll know better in six to twelve months.

  2. I totally agree. When I heard about it my first though was “Why?” I just did not see any good reason to switch from twitter or anything else. There was no benefit.

    Wave I think was a better concept but they blew that by giving out access to slowly for what was supposed to be a collaboration tool. Hard to collaborate when nobody can use it. Now that more people have access the “buzz” is gone and I don’t know of many people using it.

  3. I feed buzz with my twitter comments. I don’t think buzz is a twitter killer at all. I DO think it is a Brightkite killer. Brightkite was the first popular app out there with geolocation based apps and pics. Now, since gmail has sooo many more clients that I am automatically connected with, Brightkite doesn’t really have any advantages, outside of legacy.

  4. Mark Robinson

    Gabe – I agree with you on the comparison to Friendfeed. I would love for Buzz to become a replacement for Friendfeed since it would be integrated with the rest of my activities on Google.

  5. Thanks for the comments, some good insight for sure. I do think Buzz deserves a few months, and it’s definitely off to a better start than Wave! If only they allowed / would make it easier to invite people who aren’t using Gmail.

  6. With Buzz as the latest entry into the social media field, I have been starting to have one of those what exactly is the point moments. When do we reach a point where the number of different social networks exceeds our ability to produce unique content for each one? When do realize that just because a notable company builds a social network, doesn’t automatically means its the best thing since sliced butter?

  7. yeah, very much like FriendFeed – I agree.
    It’s just another place to spam people with links
    If unwitting – it forces you have all the posts shares by everyone you friend to be now inserted into your GooReader.
    Depending on how many people you follow.
    Maybe this is Google’s plan to appear more popular because more people will be accessing their GMail accounts trough the Web Interface and not through a client like Apple Mail?

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