Facebook and WordPress – How To

Before you do anything, please test what I’m about to tell you by clicking the “Like” button just above the Comments of this blog post. If you don’t find it helpful, you can always click “Like” again to undo this. Onto the tutorial / tips!

Earlier this week Facebook launched tons of new technology features surrounding the “Like / Social Plugins” project. You’ve probably seen that all of those pages you were a “Fan” of have been converted to pages that you “Like”? That conversion was only the beginning. If you manage a website or blog, I would suggest checking out this keynote address from the f8 conference! Onto why this is interesting for you….

HOW TO TIP A: If you are visiting my blog at GabeTaviano.com you will now see that I have “Like badge” just below each post and above the comments. You can check out all of the details Facebook has made easily available here,. MODIFIED INSTRUCTIONS – If you’re running WordPress, be sure to grab the SNV Facebook Like plugin here! Thanks to friend Mitch from Studio Nashvegas!

If visitors click the “Like” badges on your blog / site, Facebook will post that to the visitor’s Facebook wall. Result? More people will see your content by seeing and understanding that their friends liked it.

HOW TO TIP B: On my blog you will also see a new “Recent Activity” box. Feel free to grab the second piece of code from below and insert it either into a Sidebar Widget (or within the sidebar.php file of your theme) or any area of your site. Just make sure you change the domain name from mine to yours within the code!

COPY CODE A – you can now FORGET THIS if using the SNV Facebook Like plugin:


  1. Thanks Gabe.

    I actually was waiting on it to hit the plugin repository before I announced it here, but for Tip A, there’s a plugin I made that will do everything mentioned here and give you all the options to customize it.

    You can find it by searching the plugin database inside of WordPress for “SNV Facebook Like Button” or check out all of the details here

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