Change via Twitter – Part 3

I had no clue this series would end up like this. Thanks to Tony Steward nudging me to try FriendFeed out yesterday evening, this series will wrap up in a much different way than expected.

ffsquashtwitterThe past year Twitter has made us all change our online habits. Facebook has become a thing of the past for many of us. Or at least a place where we go to check in with “past friendships or family members”. Twitter has allowed us to meet new people, and for me (and Marla), quite a few of those people have become new friends. But don’t you wish that you could interact, sometimes even in real-time, with those people? What if you could do that while the content you are posting is still sent to Twitter and Facebook instantly?

Remember that ugly blue bird from the past two posts? Today he’s being squashed a bit by a new friend. Last evening I realized that all of the above can happen, thanks to FriendFeed. If any of you are familiar with forums (messageboards). Those things from the late 80s / early 90s. Take their functionality of letting you interact in a threaded / responsive discussion, the private messaging of Twitter and Facebook, the sharing of your pictures and videos of Flickr or YouTube…..and you sort of have FriendFeed.

I challenge you to try it out for the next two days with those of us in this group. Once you setup an account you can easily find some friends you’re following on other networks (Twitter, etc) by visiting the Browse / edit friends link listed on the right of your page, then selecting Find / invite friends at the top of the page. Feel free to subscribe to me here on FriendFeed and direct message me if you have any questions. OR comment here on the good ol’ blog!

PRAYING that God gives our middle daughter, Ava, an awesome 7th birthday tomorrow! PRAISING God for giving us the great years He has with our children.

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