Change via Twitter – Part 2

You’ve probably received direct messages, replies, or read other tweets that ask you if you’d like 1,000 new followers per day or something like that? Some people would probably just think this is an easy way to gain recognition, or maybe that it would boost our self-esteem by knowing that so many people are reading what we’re saying. I haven’t attempted having someone / some website get me all of these followers automatically. If it’s like the rest of the internet, I can guarantee that getting 1,000s of new followers who don’t know anything about you probably won’t benefit you as much as you think.

twittereyesTwitter is taking social networking and the way people read to a new level. Actually, the way people DON’T read to a new level. We’ve all become better content scanners over the years. With our eyes flying over content, picking out bits and pieces here and there. The problem with that? Sometimes we miss the best content. Especially with the more people we follow. While more people join Twitter, two things seem to be happening. 1. The tweets we are posting are becoming a smaller fish in a big ocean. 2. There’s a better chance of us connecting with someone else who might be focused more on what we discuss.

I’ve challenged myself to keep a different mindset than most would want me to. I don’t want thousands more followers if none of them will interact with me. I don’t want to follow thousands more (automatically), and never directly communicate with most of them at all. When I look at social networking, I long for communication. Not to see how many followers I can get, or how many people I follow or am connected with. It’s sort of like prayer. Saying you follow God is one thing, but praying and communicating with Him. That’s a whole different story. That takes time and focus, doesn’t it?

PRAYING for our communication to get a little more personal, and not so shallow. PRAISING God for following us, and wanting to communicate with us directly.

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