Change via Twitter – Part 1

twittereyesHopefully I’ll make the change I am talking about a bit more clear than our President is at the moment. See that odd Twitter bird image? That’s you. That’s me. It’s been all of us at one time or another. We’re on Twitter, with words to say that usually aren’t life-changing. With words that our followers’ really could go through the day without. Posting tweets that generally aren’t “re-tweetable”. Sharing links that only get a few clicks. Asking questions that get no responses. What most don’t tell you is that we all really do look like this at moments. The flight path we’re all taking with our tweets isn’t perfect. We’re all flawed, some are just better at hiding it than others!!!

One thing I’ve grown to love more and more about social networking is that it becomes clear just how selfish we all are at times. Who doesn’t like to be thought of as important, needed or even recommended to others as a person “to follow”. I hear more and more people these days being shocked that they’re starting to follow people they don’t even know. Step one to not looking like an odd Twitter bird? Admit that the internet is not just yours and step out into the world! This is a perfect time to ask what Jesus really would do, that’s for sure. He didn’t walk the streets hoping only to talk to those familiar with his message. You’ll see tweeps out there that only follow those that they’d talk to if they were confined to one room in heaven someday. Oh, how they will be shocked to realize that our God has no prejudice.

You are not the only blue bird on the block. Shockingly, there are even some birds that look quite a bit like you. Sure, you might need to become less of an introvert or maybe even an extrovert, LOL. That’s where true change really happens. How? Start following people you don’t know, you just might learn a thing or two. I know I sure have! What are a few ways you’ve looked odd on Twitter? Or how have you met birds you never new before, and learned something? More to come!

PRAYING that Christians truly look to Christ as their example for change, both online and offline. PRAISING God for creating a few birds that I can relate to!

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