Behold, the new iPod?

Jumping back into blogging after being away for two month (although the experiment hasn’t missed a day!). And I need to prepare for the 10 week-long RADICAL read-along (book by David Platt) that 100’s of friends are joining over on my wife’s blog (details here / Facebook page here). You still have a few days to pick up the book and join us. If you can’t afford the book, let Marla know.

Back to the title of the blog. I noticed a blog post from a large news network this evening that screamed “Behold, the new iPod”. Behold? Like stop in your tracks, re-adjust your priorities, and lust after a piece of hardware that is less than 2″ in diameter behold. I’ve blogged before about this I’m sure, but there are very few things (if not just ONE) that should stop you in your tracks like that. If you have no clue who / what that ONE thing is I guess that RADICAL read-along thing might be just the thing for you. It will be for me for the next 10 weeks (starting on Sept. 7th).

Today was probably the first Apple event in a few years that I had no clue was even scheduled. The first in a long time that I didn’t drop my work and “behold” what Steve was sharing. And my life hasn’t degenerated as a result. How do you react when Mr. Jobs requests your attention?

  1. Who’s Mr. Jobs? Oh, that’s right. I have a Dell. And a Motorola Razr. CANNOT WAIT to get the RADICAL PARTY started!!

  2. Marla Fletcher

    HA!!! I was wondering who Mr. Jobs was too???? I have a Dell and Motorola Droid!!

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