5 things I learned at WordCamp

wordpressI spent the day today hanging out with a few hundred people that enjoy blogging here in Ohio. WordCamp Columbus brought in people from across the midwest that enjoy using the best blogging platform available, WordPress. Props for the two best sessions of the day go to Krista Neher (“Building Your Brand and Marketing Your Blog”) and Cheryl Harrison (“Growing Your Blog with Social Media and Networking”). Overall I’d probably give the conference itself three stars. Good turnout for the first year for sure, but definitely room for improvement. Here’s a list of 5 thoughts that went through my mind or stood out to me throughout the day:

  1. 26 million Americans have started a blog and 94 million Americans read them. To me that says that the readers are waiting for better content!
  2. People go online for two reasons. To have a problems solved or to be entertained. I would have to disagree with this one! The biggest reason I use the internet is to glorify God.
  3. I continue to be shocked by how some people’s goal in life is to work extremely hard so they can be as lazy as they want to be.
  4. My thoughts are with those that setup internet connections for conferences in America. People expect high speed connections, will complain if it’s not blazing, and you won’t be thanked if it works.
  5. We all need to be meeting new people all of the time. Online or offline. I continue to believe that it’s not about us or what we’re doing. It’s about community and being reachable.

Thanks a lot to the WordPress community for the great tools that we are able to use to share whatever message is most important to us. If you’re 3 of the 4 people that are reading this that don’t have blogs yet (if the stats are right), contact me and I’d love to chat or help you out!

PRAYING that I can be of more help to people that want to start blogging or improve their online communication. PRAISING God for the lessons I have learned from those already blogging. See my rotating Blogroll on the site for those I read most frequently (refresh site or come back again to see other sites listed there).

  1. Re: “The biggest reason I use the internet is to glorify God.”

    Gabe, this is kind of a cop-out. Your whole life is lived to glorify God. It’s OK to state the immediate motivation for any action you take – including going online.

  2. Jacob–I disagree that Gabe’s statement is a cop-out. I’m with him pretty much 24/7, and he’s constantly looking for ways to reach out to others and share the gospel–and actually DOING it. It’s truly his main focus. Not much else matters to him if it doesn’t ultimately bring people to Christ. Hard to believe, but I’m witnessing it.

  3. It’s awesome how God can teach you things at events like this. Great lessons Gabe. Thanks for the post and all you are doing.

  4. In response to Jacob – I believe the immediate motivation for any action should first be to glorify God / share our love for Him with others.

    If you love God, I’d challenge you to search the scriptures and approach faith leaders in your life about it. I really appreciate your comment, and am thrilled to have people challenge me on this stuff. Glad you stopped by!

  5. Thanks for the post. Love your site design.

    I just relaunched my blog from scratch. Any suggestions you may have on the design or anything would be much appreciated.

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