What I heard on Sunday Morning – Version 2

Jesus for President? It’s not just a book this election. As I write this post, there have been 1,372,899 who have committed to actually place their vote for Jesus in this election.

The two Sunday prior to this one I’ve been away (volunteering at the Columbus stop for the Unashamed Tour and last Sunday helping teach 10-12 year-old Royal City Kids at church), so it’s nice to reflect on a Sunday again!

Our friend and pastor, Rich Johnson, finished a three-part sermon series yesterday titled Give Us a King. I’ve heard great things about the previous two Sundays, and was looking forward to listening what God has shown him. Here are a few of the notes I took, and I’ll wrap up with a review below these.

Ready? Set…Vote!

by Rich Johnson at Sanctuary Columbus Church (listen to sermon here)

Although I might not agree with my pastor on some things, I really do think he did a TREMENDOUS job on pointing us to scripture when contemplating such a sticky subject like politics.

Before I share some key points I took away from this sermon I think it’s fair to inform you that my pastor and friend shared with our congregation that he is actually going to be one of the 1,372,899 that will be voting for Jesus. That’s a VERY interesting choice for me, that I won’t even attempt to agree or disagree with online.

I respect that Rich, and obviously many other African Americans in this country, were passionate about Obama getting their vote back in 2008. I don’t know what that felt like, but I understand and believe it meant quite a bit for that to happen.

Thankfully Rich has shared his points on why he won’t be voting for Obama or voting for Romney online. I’m not sure voting for Jesus in an election makes too much sense, to be honest. Sure, it says something, but I don’t believe it accomplishes a thing. Here are a few other things that Rich shared, specifically on how Christians should go to the polls in two weeks.

  1. Vote with dual-citizenship (1 Peter 2:11, Philippians 3:20) – view a list of rights and responsibilities of US citizens here
  2. Vote with a spirit of peace (Jeremiah 29:7, Titus 3:1-2) – speak evil of no one, avoid quarreling
  3. Vote with knowledge (Proverbs 28:2, 1 Kings 3:9) – don’t be swayed by ads
  4. Vote with the voiceless in mind (Proverbs 31:8-9) – unborn, prisoner, foreigner, prostitute, orphan
  5. Vote with prayer (1 Timothy 2:1-3) – regardless of who wins, don’t pray to get them out, but pray for God’s kingdom to come down
  6. Vote without hope – with assurance (Proverbs 21:1) – God is in control of the kings

I believe Jesus is King. He doesn’t need our vote, He needs our life. This country continues to run further away from God. I am not saying that it ever was in perfect harmony with God, and I don’t think it’s possible for an entire country to even come close to accomplishing that. America is in the same spot Israel once was in, but the troubling truth is that God chose Israel and will never let go of them. He didn’t make that promise to any other nation.

I truly believe that God is growing more angry with our country and our churches. Is He allowing us to fail (which we obviously are)? Is He allowing us to have kings that lead us to failure, regardless of their race, religion, policies, or even their qualifications to be commander in chief? Possibly. I don’t know about you, but I feel like we are in the wilderness and not repentant enough for even the small ways we neglect our Creator. Thankfully, God (Father / Son / Holy Spirit) doesn’t stoop low enough to engage in politics. America needs God to bless it. God doesn’t need to bless America.

I’ll be listening to my pastor’s challenge to vote, but I’ll do my country a bigger favor and be praying. It needs that much more than it needs my vote. I’m not entirely concerned who wins this election, I am eternally concerned that this world grabs a hold of the everlasting hope from the one and only God who loves them unconditionally. Whether they are on the left or the right, straight or homosexual, successful or homeless, lived a long life or aborted/murdered too soon, black or white, male or female, mormon or christian, and the list could go on.

Will you be voting? Will you be voting for Jesus, or one of the two candidates running for office?

  1. Well, you know who I’m voting for! 🙂 Just so no one thinks I’m crazy (or the 1.4 million others) I don’t believe Jesus can actually assume the presidency if he is elected. And further, I believe he would turn it down if offered the position. And further further, he’d likely be assassinated quickly if he did accept the nomination. The good news is that he would come back more powerful than before!

    Seriously now…

    I’m voting for Jesus because I’m tired of the politics and partyline assumptions of what will actually help this country turn around. I don’t believe the President or Romney believe 100% of what their selling, but because they belong to a party and are owned by lobbyists they must continue their facade. The ones who lose here is us, IMO.

    I think it’s shameful that religious leaders who for the longest time have supported Christian nominees have suddenly found a loophole that allows them and their religious convictions to excuse the fact that Mitt Romeny is Mormon. It goes to show that Christians are more concerned with maintaining political power than they are about truly seeing the kingdom come through them…through the church. Did you see Billy Graham endorse Romney, then removed Mormonism as a cult from his website?

    You’re right…we need prayer big time…and it’s got to start with us.

    BTW, of the 17 voting issues on the ballot in Central Ohio I am voting on 15 of them. One I am abstaining altogether. The last is my write-in vote.

    Striving for dual-citizenship,


    • Thanks for the comment, Rich. Hopefully it’s a bit nicer discussing here than Facebook.

      When people voted for Obama in 2008 (believing he would offer hope and really was a Christian), I don’t think they really thought that this one man would bring our country back to God either.

      I actually believe that neither of these two men really want to do that this time around, and I don’t believe either of them are legit Christ-followers anyway. I’ll leave that up to God to decide, so that’s not even worth debating.

      What I do think is the issue behind those questioning voting for these two men, is that people seem to think that our leader should be a person of STRONG and SINCERE Christian faith. When you look around at this melting pot of race, religions and classes, I doubt that it would be “fair” for us to believe that a Christian president would best represent us and the freedom we say we would like to give to these people.

      That’s the underlying problem that I’ll be blogging about soon. To actually follow Christ means to love everyone. To love everyone in America (and the rest of the world), do you accept their choice to abort, allow them to worship other gods you know are false, marry someone of the same sex, etc….? I think you almost have to, if worldly freedom (equality) is what you say you stand for.

      When voting, I believe we have to realize that is the truth about this country that also gives us Christians freedoms like many other countries do not. We have to believe that God will guide this country more than any president ever could.

      Knowing that, we have to realize that voting is then about the issues, not about whether or not our guy bows down to our God. Key issues in this election? Sure, abortion, justice, gender equality, and other hot religious topics should be hot like usual.

      The two largest issues on the ticket? Probably the economy and alliance with Israel (since our debt now makes us a laughing stock to the globe, and Iran literally is days or months away from producing a true bomb and has vowed to “wipe Israel off of the map”. Just last night Obama’s “Iron Dome” program only caught a few of the 50 rockets that blasted from Gaza to the southern parts of the country. Terrorism, with Pakistan and Iran being the primary sources, does not care what either of these candidates say. They will be on the offensive until something stops them. Sanctions hurt their economy more than their terrorists.

      I think those points make voting this year a bit easier. And I also believe that those points line up strongly with the great points you made in the sermon. We must look to God word alone, like you have suggested. Voting with knowledge of what is really going on, like our citizenship on earth still matters (even though it pails compared to the other 1/2 of our citizenship), and continuing to be a country that blesses God’s chosen people of Israel (truth is, Obama does NOT want to do this).

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