VT is BCS bound

As a huge Hokie fan (obviously from this blog design) it’s been an exciting year to watch VT play through their first season in the Atlantic Coast Conference – http://www.theacc.com . At the beginning of the year they were selected to finish 6th out of 11 teams in their new conference. After Saturday’s victory over the favored Miami Hurricanes those predictions were proven to be false. They finished first in the conference and are headed to the Nokia Sugar Bowl on January 3rd and will be facing the undefeated Auburn Tigers- http://www.nokiasugarbowl.com . The BCS is nothing short of a joke of course. Auburn, even if they do win against VT, cannot even have a share of the national championship. How can that be the case for a team that went undefeated and won the SEC conferece? My vote is to change the BCS system to a system that brings in a champion from each conference and has a playoff system between all of the conference champions. If you win your conference, you deserve a shot at all teams…….no matter how large or small your rank is. 2004 was definitely a victorious season for the Hokies (although I believe they should be undefeated instead of 10-2).

  1. I agreeeee, Auburn should get a shot at the title. They should have a tournament for the undefeted teams!

    By the way! Iowa is goin to kick LSU’s butt!


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