United we stand

I’m not too sure how united I am with the direction our country is headed. Immorality, separation of state from church (not church and state or church from state, lol), and so many other things just seem to be going downhill these days. In the past few years I have teamed up with the http://www.aia.com ministry on a united front to share the testimonies of athletes and military individuals in an effort to reach the lives of those that do not yet know the Lord. I’ve helped out with the sites at http://www.unitedpassion.com and with testimonial brochures for various athletic events. This year is the second year I have helped Texas A&M University’s AIA ministry (led by Jim Roselius) out with sets of testimonial sports cards, posters and a football brochure.

I was talking to Jim this morning on the phone about the direction God is giving me with the work that I do. As you have noticed in last week’s blogs, I have been a little down and out at times. Jim prayed for me over the phone and reminded me of last year’s outreach, which led 11 people to Christ. He then continued to inform me that this year’s outreach helped lead 12 to Christ so far. Some people have attacked me in the past, trying to inform me that these efforts might not bring the ministry results that other services could. It’s funny how some people out there just have nothing good to say, and even the negative things they do share end up amounting to a hill of beans.

The design of the cards isn’t what led these people to the Lord. It’s the testimonies on the back. It’s amazing to me that the sports photos that might intrigue our culture on the front of the cards pale in comparison to the power of these lives on the flipside. Thanks to God that I am able to be a part of this outreach – and to these military and athletic individuals for sharing their lives like this! Feel free to check out the cards from the past two years at http://www.taviano.com/tamu and http://www.taviano.com/tamu/2006. You can also read more of their AIA ministry at http://cru.tamu.edu.

  1. What an amazing opportunity and experience! How great is it that you can use your talents for God’s purposes. Athletes and military! What a mixture.

  2. Look back at your life…..  what part of your life did God not use you ?  what part of  your life will HE stop using your talents ?   Only when we stop giving them to Him.   It is the testimonies that speak the truths of what the LORD JESUS CHRIST did in those individual lives…. but it was the interpretation that gets it to the people that need to hear.  Jim Elliot knew that it was important to get the Word of God in the language the people needed..so they could understand.   Tech/  Computers/  Web Design…is nothing more…than you flying into the teens,  to 2006’s individuals lives…and interpreting the Word of God in a way that “today’s” people can understand.  God is just providing an individual with the ability to ” interpret and ink”  the movement of the Holy Spirit.  Are you riding in on an airplane,  “no”  are you speaking a different language,  ” no”  but are you willing …..just like the twelve disciples, just like Jim Elliot…to give your life to God….and say…” here am I ,  use me”  YOU BET…and for that….God will bless YOU…now and in eternity.

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