They tried and lost

The whole NFL lawyer fiasco before the Super Bowl (not allowing churches to have a party for the game and share the message of salvation) seems to have smacked them back in the face. If you’ll visit the link below, and unless you are deaf and didn’t hear the post-game comments, God was going to win tonight either way. It could have been either team, but He was going to receive the glory when time expired. I now wonder if the NFL lawyers are going to ban the use of God’s name being mentioned during any of their broadcasts, or maybe even on their sidelines? Good luck with that one! Thanks to both coaches for the role models you are to many other coaches, players and fans across the world. What a testimony to each of us to wake up and glorify the Lord in all that we do… matter how big or small the stage may be!

Lawyers vs. God = no jury required

  1. Your girls…..they all look like you guys….just incredible…the creation of family.  neat blog too !

  2. Went to the site…that is truly a “neat site !”  TBN had a special on all the Christians of the Super Bowl…. “it was the most Spiritually Respected Sporting event, they remember”

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