Maybe I was wrong?

After my statement about VT possibly being the fourth best team in college football yesterday, this morning I have to admit……..I might have been wrong? I started watching last night’s championship game between USC and Oklahoma, but stopped quite a bit before halftime since the game was already over. USC, the #1 team in the nation (and now champions) beat up on Oklahoma and ended up winning the game 55-29. Some are saying it was the best performance ever in a championship game. That’s not what my first thought is. As a Hokie fan, I look back to August 28th (first game of the year at FedEx Field in Washington DC) and ponder over the great game the Hokies gave USC, only losing by a score of 24-13. From looking at USC’s schedule, that game was obviously their hardest competition throughout the entire year, and definitely a tougher match than they had last night? Should the Hokies be considered the third or second best team in college football? The Hokies should have beaten NC State (but missed a field goal) and possibly should have beaten Auburn in the Sugar Bowl (but dropped a touchdown pass and missed a much easier field goal). College football is definitely the funnest sport to follow throughout a season…..hopefully the BCS changes and makes it even better next year?

  1. VT made it interesting, I was hoping they would recover the onsides kick, that would have been awesome.  I completely agree with you about college football…it is increadible, I love watching it.  I was bummed that Michigan lost vs. Texas, but I was happy they put up one heck of a fight and had a good chance to win.  The nice thing about college football…there is always next year!  The big teams almost always are competative!

    On another note…sorry to hear about loosing your friend Reggie White.  He went to our church for little while and just had a beautiful heart.

    –  JP

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