Hokie for life

I gave it a shot. Living in Columbus makes being an Ohio State Buckeye fan pretty intriguing. I admitted to being a Buckeye fan this past week on the podcast, but after a week of giving it a shot I had to be honest. With OSU being at the top and probably on their way to another championship I still wasn’t too thrilled about selling my soul to Columbus. I’ve been a VT fan for far too long to just up and leave and join the Buckeye clan here in Columbus. I might not get to watch the Hokies every week, but when I do it is far more exciting for me than a few weeks of Buckeyes games. One trip to Blacksburg far outweighs a 20 minute drive to the Horseshoe. I’ll still cheer for the Bucks over any team but VT, especially Michigan. I’m actually heading down to OSU this evening to listen to Coach Tressel and some of the Buckeyes share their testimonies and faith in Christ………but to show my dedication, I will be covered in a Hokies jersey and cap, lol.

  1. thanx for letting us know….before your birthday !  I will tell your dad….he has been wondering.  He seen a doe this a.m.

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