Free from fantasy football

fantasyfootballThis one might step on some toes, but here we go! Surely you’re aware that football season has begun here in America? Obviously, by the hat I’m wearing in this blog’s header image, you can guess that I’m a pretty big fan of sports. My favorite two are college football (go Virginia Tech Hokies) and NASCAR racing (go Kevin Harvick).

Living here in Columbus, OH it becomes pretty obvious how dominating sports can be in people’s lives. But I get it……competition has always been interesting for centuries. But something I REALLY don’t get now is fantasy sports. After years of being sucked into being a part of online fantasy sports leagues, I can finally say that I don’t see the need to be in one ever again.

What don’t I get about it? I already feel like I don’t have a life watching countless hours of a race or football game. I’m guessing you’d have to take that time and double it when you add in the “studying” and “preparing” people put in with managing their fantasy sports teams. And at the end of the week, they have a 50-50 chance of being the lucky one and out-guessing their competitor. Here’s the challenge! Is there something better you could be doing with the time God has given you? When you have to look back on life, are you going to regret things like fantasy football? Is it just me, or have we become numb in more areas like this with our time as our culture shifts?

PRAYING that you and I find a balance of leisure and responsibility. PRAISING God for giving us things to enjoy, while also commanding us to never prioritize anything above Him.

  1. Toes indeed stepped on! But that’s ok.

    We all should check ourselves in ANY leisurely activity be it fantasy football, watching Lost, going to the movies, eating out, playing video games, playing REAL sports, hiking, knitting, noodling, etc., any activity we participate in has the potential to be a distraction from the missions and purposes God has called us to each day.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I agree with Russ.

    I don’t think NASCAR is a sport. Where’s the ball? (heehee)

    I have a FF league made up of other Christian guys. This is our 11th season and, as you know, real relationships can grow online. I love these guys… and then beat the snot out of them in FF. Well, actually only once, but it’s fun trying.

    The great thing about FF for me is that I can follow the sport without watching each game OR watching SportsCenter. I used to watch that particular program way too much. It’s less time for me to manage my FF team.

    My earnest suggestion is to limit yourself to one team and engage in the league you’re in. Build friendships. Have fun. Keep it in perspective.

    Thanks Gabe.

  3. Gabe,
    I feel you on this one. I have done FF and then got real into Fantasy Basketball. Much more intense. Instead of once a week it is every day. I loved it, but it took up a lot of time that was much better served other places. I had to let it go and I don’t regret it.

    Ultimately, we all have to evaluate our own personal situations and not pass judgement on others. For me, I needed to let these things go. For others, it may be fine.

    Thanks for the good challenge

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