Fourth place

Not sure how many of you watched VT play Auburn in the Sugar Bowl last night, but it was an awkward game. Everyone was talking about Auburn since they are undefeated and should have a share of the national championship (but the BCS screwed that up)…… the Hokies were definitely the underdog. They finally put 13 points on the board in the fourth quarter, after being down 16-0, but that was just a little too late. Thanks to a missed chip-shot field goal, missed catches, a few costly passing mistakes, and a dropped touchdown pass they ended up losing, but made it a much better game that it seemed like it was going to be at halftime. Next year should be exciting with the freshman wide receiver crew returning, a good defensive group coming back, and the return of Marcus Vick to the team to start at the quarterback position (suspended from the team and school for a year due to a few big mistakes off of the field). Now that the season is over, it’s great to look back and see that the team overcame odds of finishing in the middle of the conference and actually being the ACC champions in their conference debut season. You might expect to hear this, but I actually think they are the fourth best team in the nation……..who else would give Auburn a decent matchup besides the higher ranked USC and Oklahoma teams?

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