Are you a real fan?

We took the girls to the Columbus Zoo (almost a weekly occasion this summer) on Saturday. We were sitting and eating our lunch and this lady walks up to me and asks, “Are you a real Hokie fan?”. The Virginia Tech Hokies are my favorite college football team……if you were wondering what a Hokie is. It’s basically a maroon and orange turkey that some college student came up with years ago that ended up being their mascot. I told her that I definitely was a “real” Hokie fan. I guess she was just taken by surprise because she moved from Blacksburg, VA (home of the Hokies) up here to Columbus in the middle of all of these Buckeye rehabs. Marla and I mentioned that we are headed down to the VT – Duke football game (6+ hour drive – thanks to Marla’s Mom’s overnight babysitting). We drive down to one game a year……….last year it was the Texas A&M Thursday night – ESPN – hurricane game. I believe my wallet’s still wet from that day. Hopefully this year is a much more pleasant occasion!

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