Apple and BibleTech

Just ordered the plane ticket, so I’ll be on my way to the Bay Area (San Jose / Cupertino / San Francisco) of California for March 25-28. On the 25th I’ll have the privilege of hanging out / sharing at Apple Headquarters with an online friend (and group of others). A few years ago they asked me to give them a ring if I was ever in the area, and the time has come. Obviously, being a serious Apple supporter / user and starting the God’s Mac Podcast, this is a real treat for me. The rest of the day I have planned to check out San Francisco and enjoy a few hours of free time and taking some nice photos.

If you are free on March 26-27, I would definitely recommend checking out BibleTech 2010 in San Jose. Last years conference allowed me to meet some really neat and talented individuals, and I am really looking forward to sharing at the conference for the second year. I’ll be discussing what it’s been like to see God start moving through the Digital Disciples network we’ve started here in Columbus, OH (and now in three other cities – and counting).

It’s been a huge blessing to be given the opportunities to share at various conferences the past few years for sure. The timing of the trip is a little odd, since that is the week I will be starting my new job at 104.9 The River. But I’m not complaining one bit, since it’s obvious God is at the center of both and had all of these things planned for quite some time, LOL. How has God been working in your life? I’d love to hear ways you have seen him work, and what you thought of His timing?

  1. Gabe,

    That’s great news. Visiting Apple should definitely give you more street cred. with us computer geek types. 😉

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