Selebrity Sunday #6 – Bob Hutchins

selebritysundayBack with another Selebrity Sunday post, finally! My attempt to shine the spotlight on individuals or organizations that are doing great things for the Lord. So many things go on behind the scenes with many projects or efforts, and you and I might not understand who God is using to accomplish His will. Today I’d like to shine that light on Bob Hutchins, CEO of Buzzplant and co-author of the new book Faith Based Marketing. For all of you tweeps out there, be sure to follow @BobHutchins and @Buzzplant to connect with him!

bobhutchinsI had the privilege in the past to work with Bob and the Buzzplant organization. They are responsible for e-cards, websites, and email campaigns that you might have received for many great music artists (way too many to list), book authors or blockbuster films (Narnia, Rocky Balboa, Passion of the Christ). When record labels, book publishers or film companies want to connect with you, they go to Bob and his group. It really is amazing how effective email campaigns can be, and God’s given Bob a passion to get His message out through many forms of new media.

The Faith Based Marketing book he co-authored has just released as well. You can instantly tell that Bob knows what it takes to get a message to the audience that needs to get it, but what is more important is that he realizes that and wants to share it with everyone else. It’s great to see so many great reviews coming out for the new book. Thanks to Bob for taking the time to share his thoughts, definitely not an easy task!

PRAYING that each of us will sharpen our skills in how well we deliver the message of Christ. PRAISING God for guiding Bob as he leads his organization, and is an example for others to learn from.

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