Sunday Selebrity #4 – Pete Wilson

petewilsonI’m sure a few of you have either heard of or visited this week’s selebrity, Pete Wilson – pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN and blogger at I’ve never met Pete before, but enjoy reading his blog. My wife‘s probably corresponded with his wife more than the two of us have. Now to the point of why I am considering him a selebrity (for new visitors, yes I know how to spell celebrity).

I’ve been extremely busy lately, just like I’m sure Pete has. I’ve contacted our local ministry and have been “in the works” of trying to get out and serve the homeless / needy in our area myself. Pete’s recent blog entry reminded me of this, and was a shining example for sure. I’ve met many pastors and leaders (at least 30-40) in my life, and looking back, I can only remember a handful of them who personally took the calling of serving those people in their community through to action. He shares many neat things on his blog, including how he interact with the boys and wife God has blessed him with. It’s powerful to hear how God led Him to take one of his boys with him and see the love God has for EVERY individual firsthand.

selebritysundaySometimes I think we (including myself) pass the bucket onto the next person or ministry, and don’t realize that God has handed us the power to be that example for other people. Thanks Pete, for not being selfish, being proud of the community of selfless hearts God has given you to lead, and for reminding us how we can be an example to others and our families in this type of service! Glad to see you’re new blog is running smoothly, and I recommend that my readers and visitors hop over!

PRAYING that God continues to guide each of us to move into the uncomfortable areas of service we’ve neglected in the past. PRAISING God for speaking powerfully through such a simple thing as Pete’s blog.

  1. I saw a friend looking at his blog and hadn’t had the chance to come back to it until just now. Thanks for letting me know about this Gabe. Seems like another blog I could subscribe to, but I think I would benefit from it better if I just looked at it randomly every once in a while so I don’t just skim the posts, but really delve into them with insight.

  2. janelle

    I seen the ” burden ” in your soul to truly reach be used ~ literally used ~ by GOD, in this area…it was more than just talk, it crossed the line…
    It is a burden ! God sees the desires of your heart and HE will order your steps….!

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