We mean business!

It’s so much fun to do things when money isn’t part of the picture! The podcast at http://www.godsmac.com is free for people across the world to listen to. But we do mean business, lol. We launched episode #14 Thursday night, with a great interview with http://www.digitalpraise.com. We also have a free early Christmas present for you all – look two blog posts down for the yellow present. Tonight we have decided to order some business cards to help promote this podcast, and ship them out to listeners and friends who would be interested in promoting it with us to their respective circles. We’ll discuss them in more detail in a future blog and podcast, but comment here or go to the site and request some business cards if you want already and we’ll ship maybe 20 to you free of charge when we get them. Here’s a preview of them below.



  1. FO SHO, not for show…….for sure with an oh slur…..fough shough – I’ll get ya some as soon as I get them!

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