The new

After weeks of preparation and effort, the new site was just released this morning! The front page now lists the most current blogs and episodes, with a much nicer audio player provided with each of the episodes. You can also choose to separate the two categories and view online using their menu option at the top.

Probably the most exciting part of the new site is the extensive Friends directory. We have some pretty high hopes for this to be the best (current and fresh) community of Christian websites on the internet within months. We have maybe 100 listings that we haven’t had the time to add ourselves yet, but you are more than welcome to submit any websites you wish to be added through the directory itself to request approval. I won’t go into too much detail because we are taking some time on episode 26 (airing tonight) to share this information in more detail. We’d love to hear what you think – please leave comments under the items on the front page, or by leaving a comment at 614.787-8544. May God be praised! Thanks for your time!

  1. Really neat site ! !  Will be interesting to watch those tapping into it !  Just amazes me…how the 4 of you…are so different…yet all of you…are using the gifts God has given you….for HIM…….( Gabe, Marla, Tug and Ang.)…Podcast/Websites – Books/Speaking,  Singing/Teen Ministry,  Concerts/ Teen Ministry/….then look at the 6 up and coming….!

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