Sunday Selebrity #2 – DJ Wade-O

I’m excited to share a new Sunday Selebrity with you today, hopefully an individual some of you will enjoy hearing from for some time to come.

djwadeoDJ Wade-O (and wife) live in Newark, NJ…although it’s good to see him wearing the OH gear! God is using this man in a mighty way. There are only a few podcasters that I would recommend other people following, and that’s why he’s the first I’m pointing the spotlight to. This man of God recognizes that he has the opportunity to reach the world. Not because he is someone special on his own, but by connecting with hip hop, R&B and rap artists as they are also glorifying God through their talents. He connects with these people and they share life together, hearing how God is doing mighty things through each of them.

selebritysundayPodcasting is not an easy thing to do (as I’ve found out over three years), but DJ puts lots of time and effort into producing a product that does nothing short of glorifying God. I’m so thankful to see other men realizing that they can take a stand for God like this, and even more excited to see his wife (like mine) stand so close to him and be supportive of what he is doing. DJ is the inside scoop in this niche of the music industry, and I am sure he has a bright future as he continues to get better at what he does. Be sure to check his site / podcast out online through, on Twitter and on Facebook!

PRAYING for my friend Brian as he joins our church’s staff officially tomorrow! PRAISING God for working through individuals like DJ Wade-O, who are out there putting time and effort into glorifying God.

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