PodCamp Ohio – 06.28.08

I’ve been in touch with a national organization called PodCamp, who is hosting a free “UnConference” here in Columbus in a few weeks. I helped them design the event guide (photo), and I will actually be speaking to other bloggers, podcasters, and media professionals in a session that day. I really want to share the message of Christ through technology, and this will be a great opportunity for just that.

An “UnConference” allows for the visitors to jump into a session and leave if they want to go check something else out. There’s always a new fad for everything I guess. In my opinion, it’s just a result of our generations losing our patience and having more trouble with our attention span. Pray that the Spirit grabs a few people’s attention! Below is an overview of my session.

Technology often seems impersonal, but it is actually one of the best ways to share who you really are and what is most important to you. Our faith is just as much a part of our life’s story as anything else, so why miss out on some of the best opportunities to share it with others.

Creating revenue through your media is great, but by focusing so much on that we might be missing out on rewards that are eternal. Come and hear examples of how you can make this happen through podcasting and other new media.

If you’re interested at all, feel free to visit PodCampOhio.com.

  1. Love the design. Great work. And I totally agree about the impatience/low attention span. It’s an epidemic–if you’re bored, get out. Marriage, house, cars, technology, church. Ugh.

  2. neet stuff…liked the “flicker” phot…and there you were, there you are again ! smile…. here is another door….”walk on the dry land” !  so amazed at where GOD is taking YOU !

  3. fogot the “o” in Phot – o…guess too much  ” O – H ”    –    ” I  – O ”  last nite ! lol

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