God’s Mac Podcast resurrected

godsmacSome of you might not be aware that God’s Mac is actually a podcast. I’ve enjoyed each of the 54 episodes since August of 2006. But lately it’s become more and more obvious that things need to change. I’m going to talk it over with my two co-hosts (Lee Love and Kary Oberbrunner), but I think they’ll dig it! I would love to know your thoughts in response to the idea below!!!

Right now our subscribers receive maybe one episode each month, and (although we do receive feedback / email) the communication has been one way. Mainly because I haven’t put much effort into the website. That’s all about to change. Instead of a monthly episode that runs at least one hour long, we’re going to go with lots of short episodes (interviewing more people – more often). I’ll bring both Lee and Kary in for unique episodes here and there, but they won’t need to be a part of every episode. And the website – we’ll be converting from Joomla over to WordPress. Allowing comments / feedback for each episode and providing actual blog material instead of episodes only.

I’ll be giving it more thought the next day or two for sure. My only intent with the adjustment is to better serve our online community, and provide new listeners with something they can look forward to frequently. Again, if you have any thoughts please share!

PRAYING that we can be more of an encouragement. PRAISING God for the past three years and experience gained!

  1. Love it man.
    Gabe = GodsMac
    Don’t let a dream die unless God wants it to.
    Usually it is refashioing it.

    I am here to help in whatever way I can.
    Just let me know.
    But…excited to see and hear more of GodsMac

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