God’s Mac Podcast is now live!

The front page is up and running at http://www.godsmac.com with the first podcast. I’m working on the pages this week for the icons at the bottom.

You can subscribe using iTunes –

or manually using the XML feed I have setup through FeedBurner –

If you are on a slower connection go ahead and click on the library link in the Ways To Listen box and the audio will stream through based on your speed. We’d love to hear what you think of the content, any problems you had with the site, or any ideas you can think of. We have our second podcast in the mix – being recorded this Friday night with a launch later next week. You can sign up to be on the email list from the front page and we’ll let you know when the second podcast, and every upcoming episode, is live. Please leave comments hear on Xanga, via email to gabe@godsmac.com, or call the God’s Mac voicemail at 614-259-1598. If you can, please email friends and family with the link. Thanks for your time and your recent prayers!!!

  1. At long last! Just finished listening and am sending an email. Now who do I know who’d like this? . . . Can’t wait to find out next week’s topics!

  2. congrats, I am sure I will listen to it next week when Andrew finally gets moved down here. I am sure he got it off itunes or will! I am thrilled for you, congrats!

  3. Most definitely! DH and I were talking just tonight about the need for marketing.
    Did my “podcast and WEC” email not make it through? I’m having a terrible time with my email not making it to people! DH even set up a discussion board for a friend and me because my emails to her were hit and miss. Anyway. . .
    webempoweredchurch.com is the information site. webempoweredchurch.org is the developer’s site.
    He responded to my inquiry at the admin’s address.

  4. Wow! Didn’t he used to go by Nodaverbs or Know da Verbs? I’ve heard him DJ on 88.7 in Columbus a couple of times.

    Nice first outing Gabe. My only constructive criticism is to balance out the levels between you and the guests if possible. 🙂

    Cool format. Still listening, only about half way through episode 1.

    Keep it up!

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