God’s Mac Podcast – Episode #7

This week’s episode over at http://www.GodsMac.com started off our study on “Fake Identities”. Rod Robison from http://www.mentallusions.com joined us and helped us better understand the illusions inside of magic and deception today. With a focus on unveiling the false truths inside of culture and satan himself, we wrap things up with a study on deceptive salvation. This was a lesson I needed to learn more about myself, and to realize that we can only live a salvation-focused life for so long……..without works our faith is dead and we fail to embrace a kingdom-focused life. Come join us as we discuss ways that we can mature in Christ and not be deceived into being stuck in mediocre Christianity.

  1. Thanks for dropping me a line, Gabe! I hope to get you a list of suggested topics here soon, but alas, it’s 3:05am and I’m just getting to bed now. It’s been another crazy day! I’d love to be on the podcast sometime – what an honor! 🙂 I should have my book out in April, with a book signing at Gifts of Joy, so would you want to correlate it with that? We could always do it sooner or even more than once; it’s up to you! After all, it is your show – okay God’s show – but you get what I mean. In any case, I’ll keep in touch and you do the same.


  2. Hey, another thing:

    I was checking out the God’s Mac website, and I noticed you have a place for links. Feel free to check out the ‘links’ part of my website: http://www.ambermetz.com for more ideas! I used some of the same ones on mine! 🙂

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