God’s Mac Podcast – Episode #5

Adam Christianson from the MacCast and the new Christian rock band Red hung out with us this week on episode 5 (their links are below – just above the logo). I am actually going to try to do something bold on this next podcast and get an ex-Jehovah’s Witness on for an interview. After an interesting week of preparation and an evening yesterday of witnessing to two of them in our own house (amazing how you can “witness” to “witnesses” huh?), I really have learned quite a bit about their beliefs and feel it is necessary to inform you of false teaching when I have a first-hand account of it. It’s obvious that their organization is trying to dig themselves out of some large holes – that’s for sure. I found it ironic that they asked me to go to the library to learn terms of the Bible from a dictionary, when the Bible alone is enough for me and does just a fine job itself – more on that soon. They were making quite a few unBiblical remarks, and when I asked them to just show me one instance in scripture they starting freaking out and going all the way back to Genesis or even talking to our 8 month old daughter, lol………that’s probably the only generation inside of a Christian home they can make sense with. The Spirit is at work in their lives, and I plead for you to pray for them and the entire Watchtower society. I have pages of notes from my studies this week that I will share with listeners on the podcast next week. Marla wrote more on this over at her blog – http://www.xanga.com/mtaviano. Don’t miss this week’s epsiode though, it was a blast!

Red (Christian rock band) – http://www.redmusiconline.com
The MacCast – http://www.maccast.com

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