God’s Mac Podcast – Episode #4

This week has been insane with the podcast. Before we get into the details, I’ll give you an update on a great episode! We were privileged to have two great guests on this week. The first was J.R. Mahon from http://www.starvingjesus.com and http://www.xxxchurch.com. He gave us some amazing insight on today’s church, and questioning the fact that many of us are “chained” to the pews on Sunday, but rarely find a second to give to the Lord during the week. Wait until you hear what he and his friend just did for 40 days………you’ll have to listen though! The second was Reid Monaghan from http://www.inversionfellowship.org and http://www.powerofchange.org. Knowing how to relate to my generation (18-30) in a theological way while still being effective is not an easy task. Many guys just do what works for their ministries, but not Reid. His faith becomes evident in this episode, and I appreciated the challenge of being a theologically driven ministry. I admire the faith of these two fellas, and definitely recommend you spreading the word about their ministries!

There are so many details I’d love to share with you about the podcast itself, but will keep it to a few. We now have t-shirts and will be making those available online shortly. There is a contest going on this week on the podcast for a free one! The news is spreading across the globe about what God is doing with this ministry. From our statistics we can see that we’ve had visitors from over 40 countries and also 40 states here in the US. Pray that one soul will be directed to the Lord out of these, even if we are unaware of it before He returns. We will be sending out a customized email to those that have subscribed on the email list this weekend, and continually once per week. If you haven’t signed up, we’d love to have you as part of our team. It’s easily accessible on the front page of http://www.GodsMac.com. Thanks for your prayers and support!

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