God’s Mac Podcast – Episode #33

Head over to GodsMac.com for the newest podcast! Scott McLellan, editor of Collide Magazine, joins us this week and shares how the magazine and staff have come together recently. The first bi-monthly issue hit shelves in September, but you wouldn’t have guessed that by picking it up and sifting through it. With an excellent staff, they are focused on how the media and the church converge. Whether you work on a chursh staff or not, you will want to head over to their site and request you free first issue today! Praise God for such an excellent resource and group of talented individuals!

We both have finally joined Facebook and have created a group where you are able to join us and interact on a more frequent basis. We also bring you news about the Leopard OS release, with Lee already having went through the installation process and Gabe attending his local store’s release “party”.

In the eternity segment this week you will hear words from one of our listeners that is fighting for freedom on the front lines of Iraq! Be sure to visit the blog post that shares more of the details here on our site! Thanks to Nick for sharing with us! Thanks for taking a look at it, we pray God uses it however He chooses!

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