God’s Mac Podcast – Episode #3

Just informing you all that episode #3 is up on http://www.godsmac.com if you want to check it out. The guest on this episode this week actually helped our podcast out quite a bit. The gang that I’ve worked with the past couple years over at http://www.buzzplant.com partnered with us in spreading the word. They do a great job with web and email marketing, and sent a custom email out to 150,000 individuals that have opted in to be on their list. God has provided so many friends these past few weeks like this that have helped us proclaim His Word like we never could have imagined.

As you will hear on this week’s episode, this isn’t a numbers game and it isn’t about money. Friends have asked me why I put time and effort into this and not charge for it, or at least take advertisements or something and put them on the show for a fee. I thought about that for a while, and realized it wasn’t as simple as this being a ministry. I realized that I am learning a much bigger lesson than that. God has been trying to teach me the lesson of sacrifice. I never really thought about it this way. If you stop and think about what it is that intrigues you or brings a different sense of excitement into your life……..in order to do something like that it actually takes the most sacrifice to accomplish that. You’d think it would be the opposite. If you thoroughly enjoy something it should come easy. I haven’t found that to be true with this podcast. We are asked to give more of ourselves when we want to grow closer to the Lord. This podcast isn’t for the masses, and I’d love to get a little more personal feedback on maybe how it has impacted you if it has at all. Feel free to leave a comment or contact us on the site. May God receive ALL of the glory!

  1. Praying that God will use this…….and more so in you.  When HE moves IN you like HE is for HIS purpose…then the outward purpose has alot more “Spiritual Movement” in it.  Via…..it has the power of the Holy Spirit filling it to the max.  So, think about it..the more YOU are grabbing from HIM….in doing this PodCast….the of HIM…. is backing it…and YOU will get the most out of it Spiritually.  Neat to see yourself keeping a “self check” on having pure motives behind this.  God is going to bless it …for the desire to HONOR HIM ALONE !  You are ONE neat person Gabe…and I mean that !

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