God’s Mac Podcast – Episode #2

Just thought I would let you all know that Episode #2 is now available on http://www.GodsMac.com. We had Jason Holdridge on the show this week, updated listeners on all of the ways to use the new stuff on our site, and also discussed how to be a father to daughters in today’s society. You don’t have to have an iPod either now to listen – you can listen on a slower connection, while at work if you can and are allowed, lol. Click on Open Library in Popup Window in the Ways to Listen box on the front page of the site. Be sure to also head over to Jason’s site at http://www.jasonholdridge.com and purchase the new Pursue Me album online! We’ve got quite a few friends listed on the site under various categories, including other podcasts, websites, blogs, and links to people you’ve heard so far on our podcast episodes. Spread the word folks…….we’d appreciate it a ton!

  1. Great show this week! Loved it!
    I am featuring God’s Mac in conjunction with Jason’s album on my website. I felt like it all went perfectly with the Xanga series!

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