God’s Mac Podcast – Episode #13

Steve Hewitt, from http://www.ccmag.com, joins us this week and shares some great insight on utilizing technology as a ministry. The Christian Computing Magazine they create is free and you can either download it directly from the site or sign up for a free email subscription to receive it each month. They have also started their own podcast, which you can download directly from the front page of the site. Some of you may have heard Steve on Prime Time America on the Moody Broadcasting Network. We really enjoy their magazine and definitely recommend it to you! If you know of any ministries or businesses that are looking to advertise at the moment, it’s a great opportunity as well!

We had an interesting week with recovering some digital photos that I accidentally deleted, but on the podcast this week we discuss an easy fix to getting back files that you have removed from your trash can on Windows or the Macintosh operating systems.

The study, poetry and wallpaper this week are on a study we’ve titled “Your Circle”. The focus of the study is on being effective with the circle of influence God has given you. No matter what success you or your ministry or business might have had in the past, God has always given us the blessing of being able to reach one more circle. Our circle is never complete until He returns to take us home!

  1. Grandma….loved , loved poetry…she would be proud of you , glorifying God with this talent…it shows a neat side of  YOU , it is like wearing a pink shirt for a guy….you have to be a ” man”   lol…to wear a pink shirt…..smile…and to me to read a guys poem…wow….. just they are really good…and just like you..thought provoking…  another layer of   Gabe the Babe…..smile.

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