God’s Mac Podcast – Episode #12

Come join us for Episode 12 on the God’s Mac podcast! Grits joins us on release day of their new album, Redemption, and gives us an update on the future of the rap duo and the need to take this genre to the next level. Coffee and Bonafide are ramping up into a tour consisting of 150 shows! They are also in the process of starting their own record label, with this album being their last with Gotee Records.

We’ve added another poem and wallpaper combo, “Soul TiVo”, for this week’s podcast on the website for you to take with you or share with friends.

After a few requests from listeners, we have also decided to start giving you a Mac “Tip of the week” on each new episode. We also share an exciting new application that enables you to share large files with another individual, but doesn’t force you to join a network.

T-shirts are still available in all sizes from the front of the website. We’d love to receive some photos of you in our listeners in their new God’s Mac gear!

Have you ever taken time to think that God is your audience? Our culture loves to have things at our fingertips, with as little work as possible required to get there. The quality becomes less, the decisions become harder, and our goal of discipling others flees. God thoroughly enjoys you spending time with him. Do we really believe that He doesn’t see the bad side of us…..like a TiVo – only recording what is wanted and not life entirely?

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