God’s Mac Podcast – Episode #11

Erik Miker from http://www.decemberadio.com joins us for a fun discussion on everything from the tech gear used by the band, spending time out in God’s creation, singing the national anthem at a recent NASCAR race, and a review of some of their newest songs! The band also has allowed us to give two of their newest CDs away in this week’s contest.

Come join us for Episode 11! We’ve added a new section to http://www.godsmac.com website this week for Poetry & Paper. The “All On My Own” poem and wallpaper were created for this week’s eternity segment on atheism.

A big welcome to new listeners in New Zealand! Our technology review this week is on yet another Windows product which will be releasing in January, Windows Vista.

We also wanted to thank you for sharing our podcast with friends and family during these first 11 weeks. Without your help new listeners wouldn’t be joining us each week!

This week’s eternity segment focused on atheism. The atheists believe that there will soon come a day when we can’t help but be embarrassed to believe in God. We openly leading atheists onto the show for an open discussion. Imagine spending life expecting yourself to become a god?

Come and learn more of their belief that our faith is nothing more than an act of brainwashing from our parents. Last I checked I have three kids of my own and my faith is stronger than ever? If it were to fade away it would have done so by now!

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