God’s Mac needs your help!

I am gathering information for the upcoming launch of the http://www.godsmac.com podcast. Most of my time right now is spent on scheduling interviews. I am going to partner with a technology group in Nashville to blast the new podcast out here in about a month, which should help quite a bit. Even with that, I want to allow this to be something that not only the listener enjoys, but that it is something that they want to email their friends about – no matter the race, age, gender or faith. I am building my own personal email list here for the podcast and would VERY much appreciate adding you to it (as well as any friends you believe might either enjoy it or need to hear it).

The easiest way for me to get those would be for you to send the email addresses in the body of your email (each on a new line or something) to mail@taviano.com – with Godsmac.com in the subject.

Thanks so much for your help. God is showing me more and more each day that this very well could be the ministry niche He has for me, and I want to do my best to be of the most use!

  1. hey man… thanks for commenting on the wonderbox blog. it’s funny cuz i was just reading through your site a week or so ago. gosh, things have certainly changed in your life, but praise God it looks like he is moving you, shifting you, shaking you… and that’s a good thing because in the end you will come out more pure, more refined – it’s a process! anyway, hope your new ministry with the podcast thing goes well – i pray that God will use it (and you) for His glory. blessings – joshua~

  2. neat new look.  Godsmac…and the picture of you and the girls…and the new image on the left…. neat !

  3. Love the new look and pics! I’m afraid I know nothing about podcasts. Did ask someone once but it kinda went over my head. The other thing, I’m only on the internet during work and I can’t listen to stuff here….But it sounds exciting!

  4. Hey Gabe,

    I think iTunes will host your podcast for free (more content for them). Some friends of mine have one titled “Taking Notes”, on the subjuct of developing for Lotus Notes, and they use it. Not sure on the detail, but I can get you in touch with they guy who is.

    Let me know.

    jcarter ~at ~datatribesoftwerks | dot | com

  5. Jcarter – yeah hosting the podcast can be done using various third parties, but I think I am going to host it on my own server down in Florida. Mainly for support reasons, and to also give users access to a direct download in case they don’t have iTunes / iPod and want to listen on another player or just on the computer. My host – http://www.ministryweb.org – has great support and unbeatable prices for what they offer. I need to get a nice mic and utilize things like podcastalley.com as I get started. Thanks for checking in!

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