First God’s Mac interview recorded

Well, the first interview is recorded…..via speech over the internet using and software the records conversations through it at I was able to call the first interviewee’s phone number, thanks to free US minutes from Skype til the end of the year (will be cheap after that I am sure) and then record them directly into my computer to mix into the rest of the podcast. The whole technology just blows me away.

What blows me away more is that there were so many (so many could even just be 2-3 but I know it was more) that were praying for this ministry tonight. Praying that God would be heard and not Gabe. I’m going to record a fairly quick technology review session, and then conclude the podcast with a prayer request time and re-focus session at the end of it all………and then we will be live with PODCAST #1. With the technology in place now I can proceed with further interviews and let God move as He chooses. Thank you again for coming and checking in for an update. Please, please pray that God is heard through this ministry, and praise Him tonight for allowing me to utilize technology.

Our slogan isn’t “technology meets eternity” for nothing……it really is on now. It’s gametime and it’s good to look over and see satan sipping on a waterbottle, taking a breather, with the scoreboard having us in favor………no overtime will be needed either.

  1. You go….the power will not be coming through your power pack…it will be coming through the BLOOD shed by JESUS CHRIST…so that others may know.  Go in HIS STRENGTH…..and just  REAK  Spiritiual havec through the air waves.  Technology came in the timing of GOD…. GOD SPEED … needed….more need to know HIM before HE RETURNS in the air !  Praying intensely !

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